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Insurance Agency Alliances Throughout New York State

Insurance Group Located in Buffalo, NY

It can be difficult to be an independent insurance agent in today’s environment. As much as you would like to serve your customers better by being able to present them with the offerings of numerous insurance companies, it can be challenging to compete without having a quality selection of companies to offer your clients. However, there is a solution: insurance agency alliances offer the stability and assistance you need to grow without the constraints of being a captive agent.

Writing Business for Profit, Not Commission

For the past thirty years, Consolidated Insurance Agents, Inc. has been binding together many different insurance agencies in a stable and growing insurance agency alliance. We offer many of the services and advice of a large insurance aggregator without the drawbacks. Currently, we have twenty-five member agencies located in Buffalo, NY and across New York State. We are always looking for quality agents.

Call us if you are interested in joining an insurance agency alliance with the tools and personality to help your agency grow and succeed. If you are honest, professional, respectable, underwrite for Profit Not Commission and a Team Player, we would like to talk to you. Let us help you grow your business and improve your relationship with your insurance carriers. Please contact us today to find out more.

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